Police harassment

We are tired of the police, harassment from them is the order of the day, when will this come to an end?

People are no longer free to go about their business’ be it during the day or even at night, our brothers and sisters are being arrested for no reason, when will this stop? The government has not provided jobs, the little these youths earn out of hustling, is being taken away from them by police in the name of bribery.

How does the police expect these youths to survive? For how long will this injustice go on? When will the poor get justice in this society? The underage girls and boys have not been spared either, when will this stop?

My brother was killed by the police, he was neither a thief nor a suspect by the time of his death. When we questioned the police why they killed him, the answer was,”mistaken identity,” that’s all.

Does it mean, not all animals are equal, there are those who are important than others?



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