Makena could not believe her good luck; she was now back in the comfort of her home. She was very happy to be back in school. She lay in bed thinking about the past two years of her life. Her life flashed through her mind like a video show of a frightening movie.

When they were walking home with her friend Lena, a car stopped beside them and a tough looking man called them by their names,’ Makena and Lena, come with me to the shop. I will buy you soda and cakes then take you home,’

The children looked at each other. Then Makena said,’ sorry we can’t come with you. We do not know you.’ The man got very angry. He got out of the car, grabbed Makena by the hand and pushed her into the car. Lena managed to escape. Then the man sped away. He threatened to kill Makena if she continued shouting for help.

After what seemed like a whole day’s journey, the car stopped and the man ordered Makena out of the car. He grabbed her hand and led her to a one roomed house. He handed her over to an equally frightening woman.

‘You will look after my children and the house when l go to work,’ the woman said. She was too young, too tired and in shock to understand that was the beginning of her life as a child laborer.

She wanted to run away and go back to her home but all she could see were miles and miles of green tea plants.

Later that year, Makena’s employer got a baby and had to stay at home to nurse the baby.

She started working on the plantation and would buy her food with the wages she was being paid.’

She was shocked to find many other children picking tea together with grown –up laborers.

The children were paid very meager wages although they worked from seven o’clock in the morning to six o’clock in the evening. They only got seventy shillings a day of their labor. She took the money she was paid to her employer. No one seemed to notice that the children were exploited. So please we are very angry about what is going on in our country, the government should take  action to stop this behavior.


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